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Friday, March 29, 2013

Free Dayan Zhanchi, just for you guys!

The Dayan Zhanchi was the 5th cube that was released by the Dayan Company (actually the 6th if we do not count the Taiyan cubes). This is the worlds fastest cube and has set the world record at 5.55 sec by Mats Valk. The previous world record was also set with this cube with a time of 5.66 sec by Feliks Zemdegs. This is one of the fastest cubes as its interior shape makes it move very fast, compared to other cubes. 

1. Sign up on this site and confirm your email address!

2. Give them your house address because they need to ship it to you (and not some random person)!

3. Have fun with your free Dayan Zhanchi and welcome to the world of Speed Cubing!

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These are the recent world Records! And both of them use the Dayan Zhanchi!

Current world record by Mats Valk (uses Zhanchi)

Former World record by Feliks Zemdegs (5.55)

Hope you enjoy your Free Dayan Zhanchi and get ready for the new dayan 2x2 which is going to come out!

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